As the world’s leading conservation organization, bg真人游戏 works in nearly 100 countries to tackle the most pressing issues at the intersection of nature, 人, 和气候. We collaborate with local communities to conserve the natural resources we all depend on and build a future in which 人 and nature thrive. Together with partners at all levels, we transform markets and policies toward sustainability, tackle the threats driving the climate crisis, and protect and restore wildlife and their habitats.

  • 340 市县

    More than 340 市县 joined with 世界自然基金会, 其合作伙伴, and other leaders for America Is All In, a coalition committed to reducing emissions by 50% by 2030.

  • 5,283 签名

    5个以上,000 activists have called on 成员 of Congress to pass the FY23 bills that include greater funding for conservation.

  • 1.200万年 成员

    In the US alone, more than one million 成员 actively support 世界自然基金会's conservation efforts.


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Marchers hold signs at New York City Climate March Keith Arnold / bg真人游戏娱乐
A leatherback turtle crawls across the sand toward the ocean waves 罗杰·勒根/世界自然基金会

Ask Congress to fund global conservation

Tell your Members of Congress you want them to pass the FY23 funding bills before the end of the year and to include the largest possible increases for programs that support the conservation of nature and biodiversity globally.


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Recognizing that the problems facing our planet are increasingly more complex and urgent, 世界自然基金会 focuses its work on six ambitious goals. Through this integrative approach, we can challenge the planet’s greatest threats and ensure a healthy future for 人 and nature.

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Set of five nesting dolls, including tiger, snow leopard, red panda, sloth and ladybug bg真人游戏娱乐

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